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Pie Subscriptions

Want to join our Pie-of-the-Month Club, or looking to give someone a recurring gift of pie? Look no further! Pie subscriptions are here.

We offer a few different kinds of subscriptions. Here's how they compare:


Choose between six-month or twelve-month subscriptions.

Sweet or Savory

Choose between a sweet pie subscription or a savory pie subscription (or both!).

Sweet Subscriptions

Choose between one large 10" pie once a month, or four medium 5" pies per month, with one dispersed per week.

Savory Pies

Choose between getting four vegetarian hand pies once a month or four meat hand pies once a month (savory pies come frozen).


Six-month Large Sweet Pie Subscription: $150

total of 6 large 10" pies

Six-month Medium Sweet Pie Subscription: $150

total of 24 medium 5" pies

Twelve-month Large Sweet Pie Subscription: $280

total of 12 large 10" pies

Twelve-month Medium Sweet Pie Subscription: $280

total of 48 medium 10" pies

Six-month vegetarian savory pie subscription: $140

total of 24 vegetarian hand pies

Six-month meat savory pie subscription: $170

total of 24 meat hand pies

Twelve-month vegetarian savory pie subscription: $265

total of 48 vegetarian hand pies

Twelve-month meat savory pie subscription: $315

total of 48 meat hand pies


All pie subscribers can pick up their pies during our weekend farmers' markets. From May-November the pickup location will be the Squirrel Hill Farmers' Market on Sundays 9a-1p, and from December-March it will be the Bloomfield Farmers' Market on Saturdays 11a-2p. There will be no subscriptions fulfilled in April.

Below is the pickup schedule for the year: 

Calendar Color Key.jpg

Pickup date for large 10" sweet pie subscriptions

and for all savory pie subscriptions

Pickup date for 5" sweet pie subscriptions.

Note: For months with fewer than four pickup dates, pies for the missing weeks will be dispersed on the preceding or following week


January: Chocolate Peppermint Cream

February: Lemon Tart

March: Chocolate Bourbon Pecan

May: Rhubarb

June: Strawberry

July: Blueberry

August: Peach

September: Apple

October: Pear

November: Pumpkin

December: Eggnog Custard

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