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Apple-Rhubarb & Pumpkin Pie (and Braised Rabbit, too!)

Hello Pie Fans!

Behold -- fall has arrived! The equinox is tomorrow, and the weather agrees: warm days, cool nights, dryer air, and....pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie season starts this weekend, and will last well into the winter. What's more, rhubarb is still with us (just!), so we've mixed some with apples for a special fall treat, apple-rhubarb.

Also of note, I got another batch of rabbit from Syggelekokle Farm, so braised rabbit handpies are on the menu this week! It's the last batch farmer Charissa will have for us until next year, so come get them while they're here. I'll have them on the menu one more time, two weeks from now.

Here's the full list of flavors for the week:


  • apple

  • pear

  • pumpkin

  • rhubarb

  • apple-rhubarb

  • lemon tart (Friday only)

  • key lime

  • chocolate bourbon pecan


  • mushroom potato leek

  • chard, feta & sun-dried tomato

  • curried butternut & chickpea

  • braised rabbit

  • lamb & feta

  • beef & blue cheese

  • Berbere beef (it's back!)

Come our to our markets this weekend to get some pie!

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