The Pie Guy Returns!….sort of….

All right, Pie Fans, so as many of you know, we closed up shop after Thanksgiving, hanging up our aprons and moving on to less floury fields. But! There may be a chance for you to score some more of our delicious pies in the next few months….

No, sadly, we’re not opening up our doors again (not that we ever had any, being a mobile business…), but as I’m (Lou) back in Pittsburgh until May without a full-time job, I am willing to bake you pies.

Here’s the catch, though: we no longer have any licenses or permits allowing us to sell pies. But there’s nothing to stop us from giving them away on a donation basis.

So if you want pie, like really want pie, all you gotta do is provide me with the ingredients (don’t worry, I can tell you what) and a kitchen, and I’ll bake whatever it is you want. What’s more, since I’m leaving in May and want to leave a pie legacy in Pittsburgh, I’ll even demonstrate what I’m doing (and you can join in on the fun if you want). All without a price tag. Seriously, compensate me however you see fit, be it in bills, or even just a home-cooked dinner.

Contact me either at 724-355-9126 (I’m out of the country till Tuesday) or by email at As long as I got the time, pie can be yours. Just let me know!

The Glorious Grand Pinale: Thanksgiving!

Pie Fans! News from the Pie Front!

This is it: the Pie Guy is giving up the pie goose come Thanksgiving. Yes, you read right: we here at the Pie Guy are moving on to different things. So if you’ve been wondering for the last while where we’ve been on these interwebs—-well, we’ve been discussing getting out of the pie biz and so have been slowly preparing for other things.

BUT! Fear not! We are indeed going with a bang, having a huge pie drive for Thanksgiving. Did you think we could miss the holiest of pie holidays? Never! Here’s the essential information for getting Thanksgiving pies:

We’ll be baking large 10″ pies that will all be sold by preorder. The varieties to choose from are: apple, pumpkin, pecan, and chocolate pecan. They are $20 each, the normal price. Orders are due by Sunday, Nov. 23 by phone (724-355-9126) with payment by credit card over the phone, no exceptions.

All orders can be picked up at Zeke’s Coffee in East Liberty from 8am-6pm on Wed, Nov 26, the day before T-Day. Unless….you and a few friends/coworkers organize yourselves! I am only one man with a unreliable car, but will be able to deliver pies in batches of at least 8 within a 30 minute drive of East Liberty. That means if you and a couple friends can collectively order 8 or more pies, choose a spot anywhere within or just outside Pittsburgh (home, office, etc) and I can drop them off there sometime during the day on Wed the 26th. I don’t have time to deliver individual pies, but it will be worth my while to drop off a bunch at once! So if you can’t make it to Zeke’s that day but want some  of those amazing Pie Guy pies, grab a couple friends and goad them into getting pie too!

So for Thanksgiving pies, give us a ring at 724-355-9126!

Cherry Season Is Here!

All right folks, the time you’ve been waiting for is here! We’re getting some fresh tart cherries grown in Michigan this week, and will have cherry pies available for the next two or three weeks (until the 200 lbs we’re ordering is gone!). We’ll be doing preorders for large 10″ cherry pies ($20) and for the Special Agent D-Coop, our Twin Peaks throwback cherry-chocolate-coffee pie ($25). The D-Coop is has a tart cherry filling (with a shot or two of espresso thrown in!) baked in a coffee-chocolate crust and topped with our homemade chocolate-coffee sauce. If you absolutely need either of those pies, give us a ring at 724-355-9126 to place your order. Must pay in advance. We can make arrangements for you to pick up the pie at any of our farmers’ markets (see schedule). All we ask is you give us at least two days’ notice, and order by Thursday if you want it on the weekend. Get your cherry pie on!

The Haps This Week

Pie fans!

Summer’s in full swing and the pies are poppin’. This week we have four flavors available: red raspberry, black raspberry, blueberry, and pecan.

We’re hitting up several locations this week. Besides are normal farmers’ markets, we’ll be slingin’ pies at the Downtown Night Market at 8th St & Penn Ave this Friday evening. Also, we’ll be at Weather Permitting this Sunday afternoon again at Shadyside Nursery (on Ellsworth next to the Harris Grill) from 5-9 slinging pies alongside good music playing and great beer flowing.

See you out there!

The busy and the Fox Chapel Market

We haven’t posted lately due to a pretty intense schedule.  All our new markets (and the old ones) are going well.  The Fox Chapel market has begun, so be sure to stop by there if you live in the area.  Or even if you don’t, you’d be surprised at the variance between markets.  Not to mention the more you come to the markets, the more vendors want to be there and the more awesome stuff you can buy.

Wednesdays : Fox Chapel Farmers’ Market, Shady Side Academy Senior School parking lot, 423 Fox Chapel Rd, 15238. 3p-6p.

And for those of you who contributed to our Kiva loan, trust that those funds have been well utilized.  We are now in possession of an impressive oven which we are preparing to get situated and roaring, as well as a few other pieces of equipment that keep the pies flowing.   Flowing blissfully into your stomachs.

The Market Season Cometh

Come check us out, especially at those new markets this weekend.  You plus us plus pie equals yes.

Thursday: Market Square Farmers’ Market, Market Square, Downtown. 10a-2p.

Friday: Northside Farmers’ Market, East Commons Park at Cedar Ave & East Ohio St, 15212. 3:30p-7:30p

SaturdayNew Bloomfield Farmers’ Market, West Penn Hospital parking lot, 5050 Liberty Ave, 15224. 9a-1p

SundayNew Squirrel Hill Farmers’ Market, parking lot between Bartlett & Beacon, 15217. 9a-1p

2014 Market Schedule! It’s here!

Hey Pie Fans,

So the time you’ve all been awaiting alllllll the dreary, cold, snowy winter long is finally here: farmers’ market season!

This year we’ve bolstered our schedule, and will be vending our tasty wares at five–count  ‘em five–markets, each and every week! We’re returning to the Market Square, Fox Chapel, and Northside markets, and joining two brand-new markets in Bloomfield and Squirrel Hill. We’ve been accepted as a full-time vendor at the Market Square market, too, so expect to see us there every week! From Wednesday to Sunday, you’ll find us here:

Wednesdays (starting 6/11): Fox Chapel Farmers’ Market, Shady Side Academy Senior School parking lot, 423 Fox Chapel Rd, 15238. 3p-6p.

Thursdays (starting this week! 5/15): Market Square Farmers’ Market, Market Square, Downtown. 10a-2p.

Fridays (starting this week! 5/16 ): Northside Farmers’ Market, East Commons Park at Cedar Ave & East Ohio St, 15212. 3:30p-7:30p

Saturdays (starting 5/31): New Bloomfield Farmers’ Market, West Penn Hospital parking lot, 5050 Liberty Ave, 15224. 9a-1p

Sundays (starting 6/1): New Squirrel Hill Farmers’ Market, parking lot between Bartlett & Beacon, 15217. 9a-1p

Allllllllso we’ll be returning to Cornucopious (formerly Smorgasburgh) this year, which will be happening monthly starting next week (5/17). From 10a-4p, come to find us and 29 other food vendors selling their wares at a pop-up all-food flea market!

Anyway, check out our schedule for specific dates and other events! We’ll be busy baking loads of pies this year!


Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership Spring Night Market Tonight

Tonight, we’ll be setting up near Eighth and Penn to sell some delicious pie (now available in micro “3 and mini “5).  The market will include all kinds of other awesome vendors as well.  Oh and don’t worry about the weather.  Bring an umbrella if you’re afraid of a little rain.

Check out this rad picture of our friends Burgh Bites calmly doling out the deliciousness at a previousricky market:


Snap.  See you there.


Kiva Zip Success!

We reached our goal for our Kiva Zip micro-loan!  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  We are thrilled with the response and how quickly everyone came together to pledge money to our pie-cause.  We will be posting updates here as we purchase equipment and make pie more available to you all.  The farmers market season is starting so keep your eyes peeled for the Pie Guy.

Also: Don’t forget about the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership’s Project Pop-Up Night Market next Friday night.  It’s always a great time.  Come down and get your pie fix and all your other food and art fixes, too.

Kiva Zip

We’d like to announce the launch of our Kiva Zip Loan.  It’s a crowd-sourced loan we’re hoping to receive to expand on our current operations.  Basically, you can pledge some money to us, which we will use to buy some equipment, streamline our baking process and just generally make pies more available to you, and then your pledge will be returned to you as we pay back the loan. Easy.  Check out our page here:

Pittsburgh Pie Guy, Kiva Zip Loan Page

There are many others trying to do the same thing as us, so be sure to check out their pages as well.  Help make Pittsburgh a good place for new businesses!

Kiva Zips in Pittsburgh Area  (Change the location drop down box to “PA”)

Remember: there isn’t a bad thing you can do with a pie.