Kiva Zip Success!

We reached our goal for our Kiva Zip micro-loan!  Thanks to everyone who contributed.  We are thrilled with the response and how quickly everyone came together to pledge money to our pie-cause.  We will be posting updates here as we purchase equipment and make pie more available to you all.  The farmers market season is starting so keep your eyes peeled for the Pie Guy.

Also: Don’t forget about the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership’s Project Pop-Up Night Market next Friday night.  It’s always a great time.  Come down and get your pie fix and all your other food and art fixes, too.

Kiva Zip

We’d like to announce the launch of our Kiva Zip Loan.  It’s a crowd-sourced loan we’re hoping to receive to expand on our current operations.  Basically, you can pledge some money to us, which we will use to buy some equipment, streamline our baking process and just generally make pies more available to you, and then your pledge will be returned to you as we pay back the loan. Easy.  Check out our page here:

Pittsburgh Pie Guy, Kiva Zip Loan Page

There are many others trying to do the same thing as us, so be sure to check out their pages as well.  Help make Pittsburgh a good place for new businesses!

Kiva Zips in Pittsburgh Area  (Change the location drop down box to “PA”)

Remember: there isn’t a bad thing you can do with a pie.

Unveiling an Irish Monster

Hey Piefanatics!

So as you know, Pi Day is this Friday, March 14. And to kick it off we’re having a party at Zeke’s Coffee (6012 Penn) in ‘Sliberty. But it’s also St. Paddy’s Day shortly thereafter, so to celebrate two momentous holidays coinciding on the same weekend, we’re gonna party down with what we’re dubbing the  ’Irish Pie Bomb.’ Dig this: chocolate graham cracker crumb crust, Guinness custard, Bailey’s whipped cream, and Jameson glaze drizzled on top. Sound delicious and decidedly quite Irish?

If you want to try some, come on down to Zeke’s this Friday at 6:30! There will also be the ever-mouth-watering lamb & blue cheese pie and some spinach, feta, & sun-dried tomato pizza muffins (for the Lentaholics out there!).

Want a whole Irish Pie Bomb as part of your holiday festivities on Saturday? Preorder a whole 10″ one today! $25 per pie. Gimme a ring or text at 724-355-9126 or shoot me an email at I’ll need the money in advance, will take credit card info over the phone. Preorder by Thursday at noon!

In Like a Lion, Out Like a….Pie?

Pie Fans!

Even though we still seem to be in the depths of winter, the sun shines more often and hope glimmers on the horizon. Even if that hope be not warm breezes and the scent of flowers just quite yet, at least you can expect to see Pie as a shiny beacon in the not-so-far-off distance!

Yes, I’m talking about events. Pie events – happening a few times in this new month of March. Here’s a run-down of the happenings:

Fri., March 7: Unblurred Gallery Crawl - we’ll be slingin’ pies at the Artists in Mission Gallery at 5159 Penn Ave (Garfield) from 6:30p till 10p. Come for local artists’ work and delicious pie!

Fri., March 14: Pi Day Party - a casual dinner service at Zeke’s Coffee at 6012 Penn Ave (East Liberty) from 6:30p till 10p. A selection of a couple different sweet and savory pies will be available. We’ll be unveiling our ‘Irish Pie Bomb’, a pie based on that most infamous drink, then. Ain’t Pi Day without pie (and/or bad math puns)!

Sat., March 15: Subsanctuary - an electronic music and live painter party at Harvard & Highland at 220 N Highland Ave (East Liberty). We’ll be there slinging savory and sweet pie during the auditory and visual artsy wonderland this event will surely be!

Anyway, there they are. So if this winter’s lack of pie in your belly has gotten you as down as the cold temperatures, find us at one of these events for a little pick-me-up pie!

The Pie in the Wind

The Bar Marco No Menu Monday went off without a hitch.  Good pie was had by all and the Bar Marco staff was wonderful.  Thanks to everyone who came out and to everyone involved.  We hope to do that again sometime in the future.

The first proper meeting of the Pittsburgh Gastronomy Club went over swimmingly as well.  Plenty of people showed up to share in the food and merriment at the house of the Pie Guy.  We’re going to try and organize those further and further into the future.

Other than that, we’re filling up our usual vendors with delicious pie.  Be on the lookout for Italian Easter Pie, aka the Rustico.  Think: Pizza dough stuffed with cheese, charcuterie and eggs.  Yes.

Finalized (No)Menu

quicheDear Pie Fans,

So this coming Monday is finally the event of the winter! We’ll be cooking up a pie feast at Bar Marco from 5p-11p at Bar Marco in the Strip, at 2216 Penn Ave. Anyway, we’ve decided on a menu for the eve, and here ’tis!

Savory pies (mains)Vegetarian quiche – broccoli, mushroom, onion, aged gouda
Chicken pot pie – chicken, onion, celery, carrot, rosemary
Lamb & blue cheese – lamb, brown ale, carrot, Danish blue cheese, thyme
‘Heaven & Hell’ – blood sausage, bacon, apple, potato, red wine, juniper, sage


Beet pickle – beet, carrot, raisins, balsamic
Potato slaw – potato, cabbage, apple, bacon, apple cider vinegar
Kale salad – kale, lemon, garlic, olive oil

Sweet Pies (dessert)

Chocolate pecan – pecan, chocolate, bourbon, vanilla
Linzer torte – almond, raspberry jam, cloves, ginger
Mincemeat – raisin, currant, fig, molasses, rum, lemon, orange, nutmeg

All menu items will be sold a la carte, ranging in price from $3-12. Pies will be sold as slices. Come on down and support the Pittsburgh Pie Guy and get some deeeeelicious grub! Who doesn’t like pie, afterall? Again, the dinner is served between 5p and 11p next Monday, Feb 3 at Bar Marco in the Strip at 2216 Penn Ave.

Upcoming Event: No-Menu Monday!

So we’re pleased to announce that we’ll be cooking for one of Bar Marco’s upcoming No-Menu Mondays, on Feb. 3! We’ll be featured a winter-themed menu of three savory pies and two sweet pies, with sides and salads. We’re still perfecting the menu, but we’ll let you know before the event kicks off!

For those of you not in the loop, Bar Marco’s No-Menu Monday is a weekly event. A guest chef(s) takes over the kitchen, bringing his own ingredients and taking home the sales from the food served. It’s a chance for the guest chef to get a little more exposure, customers of Bar Marco to try something different from their normal fare–but more importantly, for friendships to be made and good food, drinks, and merriment to be had by all!

Bar Marco is a wine bar in the Strip District, located at 2216 Penn Ave, Pgh, 15222. So come on out to support your local Pie Guys, sup on some delicious food and drink, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of one of Pittsburgh’s coolest bars! Again, the Pie Guy No-Menu Monday is on Monday, February 3 from 5p-11p! See you there!

-the Pie Guy

bar marco

Post-Christmas: Where be the Pie Guy?

Hey Pie Fans,

So now that the market season is long over and the busy holiday baking days are done, there still remains one important question: where the heck can you get a Pie Guy pie? Yes, it’s true, in the coming months we’ll open a pie cafe, replete with the glorious smell of those flaky treats baking in the air, slices of both sweet and savory, coffee, chocolate, and beer (yup!) — but until then we’re still baking underground. However, getting a pie (or two or five) is still as simple as….well, you know what.

Give Lou a ring at 724-355-9126 and discuss what you’d like. He’s an owner and principal baker and so can work with you to figure out the logistics of getting pies from the oven to your salivating mouth. Take a look at our winter menu for a rough idea of what we have to offer. For the creative and adventurous there are always more options! We do like to experiment….


The Pie Guy(s) Revealed!

So as many of you may have seen in yesterday’s paper, us pie guys were introduced to the public en masse for the first time. If you didn’t see it, read it here!

Thanks to Kim Lyons for taking the time and care to write such a lovely article! Hopefully the next time the Pie Guy makes a splash in the daily rag, it’ll be about the opening of the shop (keep an eye in the next few months for that…).Image

The Founding of the Club!

Dearest Pie Fans! 

I’m hereby announcing the official formation of the Pittsburgh Gastronomy Club, a group I’ve been meaning to get going for the last couple of years. It’s a venue for cooks of all kinds and skill levels–both amateur and professional–to meet for cooking with each other. A community of people passionate about food whose aim is to encourage each other to learn and grow as cooks by exchanging knowledge, creating wonderful meals together, and forming strong bonds as friends over good, home-cooked food. 

The idea is just to cook together in various ways, with each member contributing their knowledge and learning from others. Positive reinforcement and encouragement is the name of the game – no snobby, destructive critiques but rather only constructive criticism. 

Right now there’ll be at least two meetings per month, with more frequent meetings as the group gets larger. I would like members to also propose meetings themselves. 

So if you’re interested in meeting others passionate about cooking and making good food (and of course eating it, too!) with them, then sign up for the group and come to our meetings!

-Lou the Pie Guy