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Braised Rabbit and Blueberry Ginger Custard

Hi pie fans,

Special Notice: due to the holiday, there will be no Thursday Market Square Market this week. It will resume next Thursday, July 11th

I realize it's been a month since the last newsletter — a sign of a busy month! Thank you to everyone who has frequented the pie booth at the farmers' market in June to help make it our busiest month to date! Anyway, I hope to get a more regular newsletter out now that we're a little more accustomed a new level of busyness.

Prepare for some exciting flavors this week, notable among them our Braised Rabbit Handpie, back at long last for the foreseeable future, Peach Pie, which will be available through August, and this week's special, Blueberry Ginger Custard Pie.

For those of you who haven't tried it yet, our Braised Rabbit Handpie is one of the most special pies we make. We source the rabbits from our friends at Syggelekokle Farm down in Washington County. We then sear the meat, braise them in Chardonnay white wine with bay leaves, and pull the meat apart when it's tender. To that we mix in caramelized onions and sautéed carrots, reduce the braising liquid and thicken it into a gravy, and finish the filling with crushed juniper berries, fresh rosemary, and lemon juice and zest. It's a customer favorite not only because it's delicious, but also because it's rare to see rabbit on the menu anywhere, especially locally-sourced rabbit.

It's not summer without Peach Pie. We source our peaches from our friends at Paul's Orchard in Burgettstown, and should be making our way through the several varieties they grow from now until the end of August. Expect to see not only classic peach pie, but also peach-blueberry and maybe even peach-rhubarb!

Finally, after the Strawberry Chocolate Custard Pie was so well received a couple of weeks ago, we decided to stay on theme with the fruit/custard combo and create our Blueberry Ginger Custard, aka Quadruple Ginger Pie. It begins with our housemade graham cracker crust crumb crust filled with a layer of blueberry-ginger compote, made with both fresh shredded ginger and diced candied ginger. Then we steep tea-cut dried ginger in hot milk before turning that milk into a ginger custard, which sits atop the compote. We'll finished it with a ginger whipped cream, made with ground dried ginger. Four types of ginger all in one pie!

Be sure to contact us at 412-206-5192 (text us please) or at to reserve your medium 5" ($12) or large 10" ($40) Blueberry Ginger Pie. They'll be available at our Saturday (Bloomfield or Uptown Mt. Lebanon) and Sunday (Squirrel Hill) markets only. We would highly advise reserving one if you would like one, because they'll go fast!

Here's the rundown of what all we're serving this week:

Savory Handpies:

-braised rabbit

-lamb & feta

-swiss chard & feta

-mushroom potato leek

-Tuscan white bean & kale

-pineapple chipotle pork

-Berbere beef

-Beef pho (limited quantities)

-jambalaya (limited quantities)


-Quiche Lorraine (bacon, Gruyere, & caramelized onion)

-tomato basil ricotta






-blueberry ginger custard

See you at the markets, and remember, there is no Market Square farmers' market this week!

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