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Flavors of the Week - Plus a New Savory Flavor!

Hi pie fans,

Pie Flavors This Week

For sweet pies, I'll be making:

  • apple cranberry

  • sweet potato

  • chocolate bourbon pecan

  • eggnog custard (in a gingerbread crumb crust)

  • chocolate peppermint cream

On the savory side, I've created a new vegetarian flavor: jerked sweet potato and black bean (see picture). It features roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with a liberal dose of Jamaican jerk spices, black beans, caramelized onions, and steamed kale. It is quite spicy (but not unreasonably so), hearty, warming and pretty darn tasty. Try it out! That means I'll have seven (!) flavors total:


  • jerked sweet potato and black bean

  • mushroom, potato & leek

  • curried chickpea & butternut


  • lamb & feta

  • berbere beef

  • chicken tagine

  • pineapple chipotle pork

Look out on the horizon for the return of Chinese five-spice pork pies, and the coming of another new flavor: beef pho!

Bloomfield Market is this Saturday (Feb 4)

You can find all these pies listed above at the Bloomfield market, this Saturday, February 4 from 11a-2p. To expedite the flow of the line (it got quite long last week!), I've pre-wrapped about 100 savory pies. I saw that it might be pretty cold that day, so I'll do what I can to shorten your wait in line as much as possible!


As always, if you'd like to order, drop me a line. I am (I know, I know, it's been a while now) still working on an online ordering system, but you can always email me ( or call (412-206-5192) with questions or requests. If you'd like to order for pickup at this Saturday's Bloomfield market, please order by noon tomorrow. If you miss that deadline, I can always arrange for delivery within the city or arrange to meet you somewhere in the middle if you live a while away.

See you at the market!

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