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Get your quiche on!

Hey pie fans,

Just wanted to send a quick reminder that there are two events today around town where you can get our pies....and our newest kind of pie: quiche!

We'll be at the HAL Senior Living Center in Morningside today (Friday, Jan 26) from 12-4pm with frozen savory pies, sweet pies, and quiche.

We'll also be at East End Brewing's Regent Square beer release party at the 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. in Regent Square from 4-7pm, with hot and frozen savory pies, sweet pies, and quiche.

Here's the menu:

Today's quiche: broccoli cheddar

Savory Handpies:

-chicken tagine (it's back!)

-mushroom potato leek

-tuscan white bean & kale

-curried chickpea & butternut

-jambalaya (w/ shrimp & pork)

-lamb & feta

-five-spice pork & apple

-bacon cranberry goat cheese

Sweet Pies:





Also, a reminder that you can always order our products online for delivery or pickup!

See you out there in the world today!

Broccoli cheddar quiche

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