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Quiche and Online Ordering

Hey pie fans,

Hope the New Year is treating you well! There are some changes afoot here in our pie world, and we wanted to apprise you of them.


First and foremost: we're making quiche now! We launched our quiche operation this past Saturday at the Bloomfield Winter Market, serving up some quiche with caramelized onion, Gruyere cheese, and fresh tarragon. We weren't sure quite what to expect, but it was a hit! So know that we'll be bringing quiche to markets from now on, a different flavor every week, sometimes vegetarian, other times with meat. And soon they'll be available for online ordering.

Online Ordering

Speaking of online ordering: we offer that now! If you haven't heard the news, you can order pies for either pickup or delivery, either available once per week. Deliveries happen every Tuesday, pickup is available every Friday. Here's more information:


You can now pick up your favorite frozen savory handpies right from our kitchen in East Liberty! For those of you who haven't heard, we recently moved into the kitchen at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary on Highland Ave. We'll be offering pie pickups once a week. Here's what you need to know for pickup:

Pickup Day: Fridays 9am-1pm

Order Cutoff: Wednesdays at midnight

Pickup Fee: none!

Order pies for pickup right from our website. The current offerings are listed on the form at the bottom of the Order page. To select certain flavors, make sure the check box in the upper left corner of each item's picture is checked with a blue tick mark and then select the number of pies of that flavor you would like. The subtotal on that flavor should correspond to the number you selected. If the subtotal on any flavor of pie you would like says "$0.00", then click the check box to select it.

You must select a pickup date and enter your credit card info, email, and phone number to complete the order. Once you click "Submit", you should receive a confirmation email listing what you purchased and directions to the kitchen. If you have any trouble with the form, please give us a call at 412-206-5192.

You can still come get our pies at the Bloomfield market every first and third Saturdays through March, but pies are available for pickup every week, even when there is no market.

Please note that we have raised our prices by 50 cents per pie to account for the higher processing fees associated with online selling. Prices of pies at the physical farmers' markets has not changed.


We've partnered with Market Wagon to bring you our selection of frozen savory handpies right to your door. They take orders on a weekly basis, with deliveries once a week. Here's the important information:

Delivery Day: Tuesday afternoons (with exceptions for holidays)

Order Cutoff: Sundays at midnight (again with holiday exception)

Delivery Fee: $6.95

Market Wagon is an online marketplace of locally-grown and -produced food. It's basically an online farmers' market that delivers to your home. There are a variety of local vendors (farms, food producers, etc), many of whom you would see at your local farmers' markets, others who are in the area but might not be at your market. It's a great way to get local food in the off-season (like right now) or when you can't otherwise attend your local farmers' market.

There's no subscription fee or contract—you can place an order for any given week of however many good from any number of different vendors, and all you'll pay for is the delivery fee (after the goods, of course!). Click the button below to order!

Please note that we have raised our prices by 50 cents per pie to account for the higher processing fees associated with selling through a delivery service. Prices of pies at the physical farmers' markets has not changed.

As of right now, we're offering only frozen savory handpies for delivery and pickup, but we plan to soon add medium and large sweet pies to our delivery and pickup offerings.

Pies & Pints

Just a quick update about Pies & Pints at 3 Rivers Outdoor Center: we'll be there every Tuesday during the winter. We had originally planned for alternating Tuesdays & Fridays, but that's way too confusing to remember.

Just know we'll be at 3ROC every Tuesday from 5-8p to meet all your pie needs!

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