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Cajun chicken hand pies and key lime pie

Hi pie fans,

This week will feature Cajun chicken handpies, served hot at all three of my farmers' markets this weekend. They'll have Blackberry Meadows chicken (slaughtered fresh today!), onions, celery, green bell peppers and a mix of Cajun spices, all held together with a thick gravy.

As for sweet pies, I'll have the same as last week: key lime, chocolate bourbon pecan, blackberry, apple, and peach. I haven't been able to make enough of the darn key limes the last couple weeks, so I'm increasing how many I'm making for this week. That is, if you missed it last week or the week before, hopefully you'll be able to get some this week!

In other pie news, I'm thinking about the cooler weather to come and how I can expand my repertoire for impending autumn. Quiche has been on my mind, so expect it to appear (either hot or cold) at the farmers' markets this October/November.

Also on the horizon: goat meat pies next week! Getting some ground goat from Fallen Aspen Farm next week, and I'm thinking up how to season it and what veggies or cheese or what-have-you to mix into it. Get excited!

See you at the farmers' market!

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