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Last Bloomfield Winter Market!

Hi pie fans,

Alas, as winter is drawing to a close (according to the calendar, perhaps, though it seems the weather has a different idea about the matter...), there is just one more Bloomfield Winter Market --- and it's this Saturday, March 18. After that, it's likely I won't have any events until mid-April. So come to Bloomfield from 11a-2p this Saturday to get your pie fix! I'll have the following pies:


  • lamb & feta

  • chicken tagine

  • five-spice pork & apple

  • berbere beef

  • mushroom, potato & leek

  • curried butternut & chickpea

  • jerk sweet potato black bean


  • apple

  • lemon tart

  • sweet potato

  • chocolate bourbon pecan


Also, thank you to everyone who came out to the 3 Rivers Outdoor Center in Regent Square yesterday to celebrate Pi Day with me. It was a lovely time, especially with the beer flowing and the fire going. Look for me there a couple times next month, and, who knows, maybe even once next week!

See you at Bloomfield!

PS If you'd like to order a whole pie or a lot of little sweet or savory pies for the coming Bloomfield market, please call/text me at 412-206-5192 by Thursday at noon to guarantee I'll have what you would like.

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