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Meat pies this week! Plus key lime and apple.

Hello out there! This is a very exciting week with many things happening. First, I’m finally rolling out savory pies, beginning on Sunday at the Squirrel Hill market. This week’s flavor is pineapple chipotle pork, with meat from Blackberry Meadows Farm (who will, btw, be set up across the aisle from me there, serving up pork sammies if meat pies aren’t enough). I’ll have them hot and ready to eat, so come get you some!

Second, apple season has begun! I have a mix of ginger gold and rambo apples from Paul’s Orchard. Expect apple pies from now until the end of the season!

Third (and not the least exciting), I’m doing key lime pies again this week. I’ll have 3” and 5” pies only, unless you want to special order a big one (text me at 412-206-5192 a day or two before whichever market you’d like to pick it up at).

Finally, I’m switching up my Saturday market. I’m sadly leaving the Swissvale market after this week — thank you to everyone there for making me feel welcome. I’ll be going instead to the Mt Lebanon Uptown market from 9-12 on the main drag (Washington Road) among all the shops in Mt Lebo, beginning next Saturday, 8/27.

I apologize to all my regulars at Swissvale who’ve been so good to me. You can find me on Sundays at the Squirrel Hill market, from 9-1 in the Bartlett-Beacon parking lot behind Murray Ave.

See you at the markets!

PS, as far as sweet pies go, besides key lime and apple, I’ll have blueberry, blackberry, peach, and, of course, chocolate bourbon pecan!

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