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Pies News: Bloomfield and More

Hi pie fans! Here's the happenings in the pie world for this week:

Bloomfield Farmers' Market

Yes, March is upon us tomorrow, which means there's a Bloomfield Market this Saturday, March 4 from 11a-2p. Come down to get some pies! I'll have the following:

Sweet Pies


-sweet potato

-chocolate bourbon pecan

-key lime

Savory Pies

-lamb & feta

-chicken tagine

-berbere beef

-mushroom potato leek

-curried chickpea & butternut

-jerk sweet potato black bean

There's only one more market as part of the Bloomfield Winter market --- after that, you'll have to wait until May, so come down to get pies while they're here!

Bake It!

As I mentioned in the last letter, I'm doing a pie demo at a new event called Bake It! at the Sheridan Station Square on Sunday, March 12. It's a event that focuses on cookies, cakes, pies, and bread and features other local bakers doing demos and selling their wares. There will be baking equipment and supplies for sale, too. It's open to the public, tickets are $10 for kids, $25 for adults online; adult tickets are $35 at the door, so buy them before you go! You can buy them here.

Give the Rabbit Farmer a Hand!

My friend Charissa, owner of Syggelekokle Farm in Washington County (whom I source my rabbit meat from) is currently raising some capital to expand her operation. She's fundraising through Kiva, an nonprofit that facilitates zero-interest crowd-funded loans to business owners. It's an excellent way to help grow a business with community support---I borrowed money this way last year when starting the Pie Guy up. Kiva is an awesome organization doing some great work in the world.

Please contribute to her fundraiser to help her keep it growing --- it's a loan, so you'll get your money back as she pays off the loan. You can then choose to help another small business owner with the money or get it back. She's a great person and solid entrepreneur, and I'm excited to see where she takes her farm! Remember, those who enjoy my rabbit pies: the more her farm grows, the more rabbit pies I'll be able to make! You can contribute here.

That's it for now. I have a couple more things cooking up, but am currently moving kitchens, so I'll keep you posted with developments after that! See you at Bloomfield!

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