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Pies of Many Kinds!

Hi pie fans,

It's a good week to get some pie! We'll have a wide variety of flavors for you this week, including the long-awaited chocolate cherry coffee pie! Not to be forgotten, it is time for key lime again. And, after a two-month hiatus, braised rabbit is back in action. Also also, I managed to snag the last of Who Cooks For You's blueberries last week, and threw some in the freezer, so there'll be blueberry pie for another couple weeks. Here's the full list:

Savory: -braised rabbit

-lamb & feta

-mushroom potato leek

-jerk sweet potato black bean

-chard, feta & sun-dried tomato

-beef & blue cheese

-beef pho

-chicken tagine

Sweet: -peach

-peach rhubarb

-sour cherry

-chocolate coffee cherry

-chocolate bourbon pecan

-key lime



Matt of Redstart Roasters gave me some of their Peru La Florida coffee for the chocolate coffee cherry pie: I ground it fine and put it (along with dark cocoa) in the crust and streusel, then made a chocolate coffee sauce to drizzle over top. It has a sour cherry filling. Not to be missed!

And Charissa of Syggelekokle Farm butchered her last batch of rabbits for the year. We'll be making a batch every other week over the next couple months. So come get some braised rabbit pie if you've been missing it, because after that, they'll be gone until next year!

And if you weren't aware, we do make our own graham crackers in house for our key lime pie crust. The filling is a simple and refreshing lime curd. Delightful on these hot summer days.

We'll be at all our markets this weekend. So come visit to get some of our pies of many kinds this weekend!

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