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Thanksgiving Orders Now Open and Market News

Hi pie fans,

We have some exciting news: we are now taking Thanksgiving pie orders! Follow this link to place yours. We're offering the classics, plus a couple of fun autumnal flavors: apple, apple-cranberry, pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, and chocolate bourbon pecan. Pre-order your 10" pie(s) today!

As for market news, it's gonna be a good weekend for pies. We have flavors to match the fall weather that's happening. Of note, it's the last week of the season for braised rabbit handpies and apple-rhubarb sweet pies, so get to the markets early (and on Friday or Saturday) if you want any.

Also, we have a new flavor: tuscan white bean & kale! It's made with mirepoix (onion, carrots, & celery), garlic, San Marzano tomatoes, dino kale from Who Cooks for You Farm, cannellini beans, and orzo. We cooked all the veggies except for the kale in the tomatoes, blended half of them with half of the beans, cooked the kale in the blended soup, and then added the rest of the veggies and beans, thickened it with cornmeal, with orzo to finish. It's exceedingly comforting, especially now that the temperature is dropping. Make sure to try it out if you're interested!

Here's the list of all the flavors on offer this weekend:


-braised rabbit

-lamb & feta

-mushroom potato leek

-curried chickpea & butternut

-tuscan white bean & kale






-lemon tart

-chocolate bourbon pecan

See you at the market!

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