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Your Weekly Pies News Bulletin

Hey Pie Fans,

Here's the scoop on the pie happenings this week:

Bloomfield Saturday Market (Feb 17)

It's gonna be a cold one tomorrow, but we'll be there with hot savory pies and hot quiche! That's right, now that we've started making quiche, we're now going to offer it hot and ready-to-eat at the markets. We'll have a vegetarian option and one with meat (see below for flavors).

Also, we made a very special handpie for Valentine's Day, one which will endear you forever to your Valentine. We know the holiday has already passed, but it is the weekend after Valentine's Day, so why not celebrate it a little more? Our Valentine's handpie is the Beeting Heart, made with beef heart and beef cheek procured from our friends at the Fat Butcher in Lawrenceville, lovingly braised on low, low heat with Italian dry red wine and rosemary (for 20 hours!), then mixed with roasted red beets, caramelized onions, and sauteed celery. Nothing will capture your Valentine's heart quite like...beef heart! You'll be sure to win yourself a kiss on the (beef) cheek for such a sumptuous and tantalizing pie.

Alllllso also, we've been getting creative with our custard pies and have created a horchata custard pie! It's a horchata (rice milk & cinnamon) custard filling in a housemade gingerbread cookie crumb crust with cinnamon whipped cream on top. We've limited quantities, so if you want one, text me at 412-206-5192 to reserve one! Medium (5") size only for $12 each.

As you're most likely aware by now, tomorrow's Bloomfield Market is a winter market, so it's from 11a - 2p. Here's what we'll be serving:


  • smoked trout & gouda with chives

  • roasted tomato, ricotta & basil

Savory Handpies:

  • mushroom potato leek (vegetarian)

  • tuscan white bean & kale (vegetarian)

  • jerk sweet potato black bean (vegetarian)

  • Beeting Heart

  • chicken tagine

  • lamb & feta

  • beef & blue cheese

  • moussaka

Sweet Pies

  • horchata custard

  • lemon

  • apple

  • pecan

Leaning Cask Brewing Co (Sunday Feb 18)

On Sunday, we'll be back at Leaning Cask Brewing Co in Springdale for all your pie needs. We'll have hot quiche and savory handpies, plus sweet pies. Will have the same flavors as the Bloomfield market (except what we sell out of there!). Come visit us at Leaning Cask from 12 - 5pm!

That's all for now pie fans, see you out there in the world this weekend!

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